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أنظمة رمادي

Ramadee Systems

First, We are delighted that you are given us some of your valuable time for reading our group history and major milestones.  

SAS Group was founded initially as a computer and electronics accessories trading business in 1985. Based on the success of trading in computer and electronics accessories, the company soon diversified into associated businesses and became an integrated conglomerate of Trading and Services businesses. 

The successes of the conglomerated businesses lead to the establishment of a Real Estate Division that manage properties and provide related services. 

At SAS Group, we strive to be a leading enterprise that conducts business with integrity and delivers exceptional value to our customers, whilst maintaining a pleasant working environment that promotes productivity and profitability.  We are committed to meeting and exceeding customer requirements while achieving continuous, sustainable profit through creating productive working environments.

Major Milestones

In early 1985 Sami Al-Sunaid Trading Establishment was founded in Dammam City of Saudi Arabia. SAS Trading was specialized in computer hardware, accessories and software mail-order service.
In late 1985 SAS Trading changed it's commercial name to "Majaless Modern Computer & Electronics Systems". Majaless opened it first retail shop in near by Al-Khobar city.

1986, Majaless opened its second retail computer shop next to its head office in Dammam.

1987, Majaless opened its third computer retail shop in Jubail City.
Ramadee Systems was established as information technology (IT) solution provider and software developer.
1990 & 1991 was a slow progress period for SAS Group due to The second Gulf War which impacted negatively all over the gulf area.
1993, Ramadee Publishing & Distribution was established. However, this division closed three years later.
Dirab Al-Khaleej Construction & Contracting was established as a general contractor.

1998, Dirab Al-Khaleej opened its wood work and decoration division.
2001, due to economic market changes after the 9/11, SAS Group took major operation and organization restructure by merging and eliminating low profits businesses.
2004, Majaless merged under Ramadee Systems and eliminated software development division.
Dirab Al-Khaleej Real Estate Bureau was established as real estates investor and properties management company.
2008, new additions to SAS Group of Companies were established.
Zain Al-Zad Trading & Marketing was established specializing in fine food distribution and marketing.

2011, Zait Wa Zaitoon (World of Oil & Olives) was established specialized in marketing fancy Olive Oil and Olives.

2012, Tarakeeb Alif Yaa Trading was established specializing in developing & marketing Educational & Entertainment Systems.


يسعدنا أعطائك جزء من وقتك للتعرف على تاريخ تأسيس مجموعتنا التجارية .

في  الربع الأول من عام 1985م تم بداية نشاط المجموعة بتاسيس مؤسسة مختصة بتسويق مستلزمات الكمبيوتر و الإلكترونيات ، و في غضون فترة وجيزة و مع تطور السوق المحلي تم توسيع الأنشطة و تنيوع الأعمال .


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Education & Entertainment Systems


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